Frequently Asked Questions

When will my items arrive?

From the moment I recieve your order until it gets to you it usually takes 5 - 7 days. During the pandemic it might take a little bit longer, but be patient! They are on their way :)

Is your bussiness eco-friendly?

I try my best to make it as eco-friendly as it is possible! All of the prints I sell are made with 100% recycled paper. I only use vegan and non-toxic art supplies for creating my artwork. To frame my artwork I get my frames at thrift stores. I fix them and sometimes repaint them to make them look nice again. I ship my orders plastic-free! You can find more information about which brands and supplies I use here

Why don't you ship internationally?

I wish I could, but during this pandemic shipping items internationally is very expensive, it takes a long time for the items to arrive and it's also risky. For sending a package with one or two prints they are charging $14, and that is without tracking number. If you're willing to pay and take the risk please send me an email and I can see what we can do in your case.

I can't pay with credit/debit card

I can also accept payment through Venmo and Paypal, so please send me an email listing the items you want and I'll send you the information to make the payment.