Asia travelbook

Blind drawings

tribal tales



Asia Travelbook

This is a series of paintings that I made while traveling with my partner through India and Nepal for eight months. During this time neither of us brought their phone, laptop or camera, in order to have an experience disconnecting from the digital world to reconnect with the present moment. This is why to remember some of the best moments of our trip, I painted them in my notebook with the Blind Drawing technique.

Blind Drawings

This is one of the techniques I have been experimenting with the most recently. It consists of drawing trying not to look at the paper and in fairly continuous lines. The idea is to focus on the creation process rather than the end results, thus freeing creativity from judgment. Although the resulting drawings do not follow the canonical proportions we are used to, we can still perceive character traits that are recognizable and particular to the models portrayed.

Tribal Tales

This series is born from the influence that tribal paintings from the world and especially from India have had on my work. The shapes are simple, but they are full of little colorful details. It is an invitation to think that behind each image there is a story or a tale, which the viewers are free to imagine for themselves.



The thin lines in between us

This is one of my most delicate and elegant series, leaving a lot of empty space and with very few characters. The lines in these works are a metaphor for the connections between different individuals and their ways of interacting with others and with themselves.


Animal rescue collaboration

This is a mix of works that I have selected where with each purchase of a print, 30% of the profits go to different non-profit organizations that are dedicated to rescuing and finding a home for animals that are victims of the meat and milk industry and other farm animals who have been displaced or mistreated. Until the end of this year, this money will go to the non-profit organization Shy 38 inc.