Sol Anzorena portrait
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About me...

Currently based in Kansas city, I was born in Argentina (1996) and raised in Spain. My passion for art started when I was quite little, and has developed through the years, over which I've been studying and experimenting with many techniques while studying at the Universidad de Granada (UGR), Spain.


During my Art Scholarship in Poland at the Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu (UAP) I started developing a life-time artistic project called Red Ocean, Black Earth, in which I'm raising awareness of animals that are being compromised by the pollution of the planet and loss of habitat. I just finished my last year of degree taking another abroad scholarship at the Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Faculdade de Artes Plasticas in Salvador of Bahia, Brazil in June of 2019.

These last years have been very fruitful for my work. My efforts to demonstrate that human beings are part of the nature that we incorrectly see as alien, are being rewarded with the awakening of many people on these issues that concern us all. Now is the time to passionately address all environmental problems. It is time to fight for the necessary changes, so that our planet is a place where equality reigns for all beings.

At the end of May I returned to Kansas City from an 8-month trip with my partner, in which we ventured to explore Asia without bringing our phones, computers, or cameras. During this time I dedicated myself to creating a travel notebook (Asia Travelbook) with watercolor paintings in which I portrayed the most important moments of our adventure.


Currently my partner and I are working on an arts and music project in Kansas City called Roadkill Rising.




                                                                                                                             Sol Anzorena